Welcome to YOGA HIVE Philly

YOGA HIVE Philly’s mission is to increase awareness throughout our community of the powerful benefits associated with regular yoga practice. We specialize in yoga events, animal yoga, outdoor and rooftop yoga, and unique wellness events. YOGA HIVE Philly offers a warm and welcoming attitude to our students, allowing them to learn yoga at their own pace and feel comfortable on their yoga journey.

Yoga has no end: we will never be perfect yogis and there is always room for continuous improvement and progress. The practice of yoga has always represented hope, transition, and growth. The benefits of yoga are boundless and the possibilities of practice are endless. At YOGA HIVE Philly, our founders know first hand the transformative power of regular yoga practice. Welcome to your healing journey!

gina and heather

Meet Gina:

“I love yoga because it helps release stress, improves my connection with my body, balances my mind, and grounds my spirit. Yoga practice is a great way to create a healthier lifestyle and keeps me in shape without having to go to a gym, which I despise! My practice makes me feel strong, empowered, and at peace.”

After establishing her career in dentistry, Gina Durante realized that despite achieving professional success, something was missing. Searching for an opportunity that would cater to her inner entrepreneur and feed her natural sense of adventure, Gina decided to leave corporate America in favor of creating a business of her own.

You might say Gina was born to be a business owner in Philly. Her Grandfather owned Tony’s Tires of South Philadelphia, a widely known auto repair and retail space established in 1971. In fact, the original shop at 9th and Oregon Avenue happens to be a stone’s throw from the YOGA HIVE studio. Gina’s Dad continued in her grandfathers’s footsteps, opening South Philly Video in 1981 and South Philly Billiards in 1989. Perhaps most well known, Gina’s uncle opened the popular Green Eggs Cafe, experiencing enough success that the brunch spot opened several additional locations across the country. It was only natural that Gina continue this legacy of small business owners, and she is proud to be the first female in her family to do so. Along with co-owner Heather Bonato, Gina recognized that sharing her own passion for yoga with the Philly community in a space that was inclusive, inviting, and unpretentious was a perfect fit and YOGA HIVE Philly was born.

Meet Heather:

“When I first started practicing regular yoga it transformed my life for the better. I was working a job that I felt very unhappy in and started to feel like I was losing myself. Yoga gave me the courage and self-love I needed to change my circumstances. Yoga changed my life, it gave me the courage to pursue my dreams. When I began practicing yoga regularly it became a true healing process not only in my career but in my relationships. It also didn’t hurt that I can say I am in the best shape of my life, at the age of 30 thanks to yoga!”

Co-owner Heather Bonato always had a fire in her stomach to be successful in a position that felt entrepreneurial. That fire brought her into a successful six year long career in business to business regional sales within many different industries starting in New York City and working her way down to Philadelphia. Her professional sales experience gave her a strong sense of her strengths in human connection and building long lasting relationships. Aware of her own self-motivation and creativity, she knew having a boss would only limit her abilities to succeed and live a fulfilling life of her dreams.

After finding herself in an organization that treated people more like robots than people, she began developing herself through regular yoga practice. Each day, each breath, each practice she started learning a little more and more about herself. Yoga helped plant a seed of self-acceptance that will continue to change and evolve her personal life. Her passion for yoga and all the confidence it brought her gave her the courage to leave corporate America behind once and for all and follow her true passion, of being an independent business owner in the field she loves so much. Following her true passion has set her soul on fire.

YOGA HIVE Philly: Gina and Heather’s biggest adventure yet!

Gina and Heather became great friends, connecting through their shared love for animals and their wild, free-spirited nature. Always seeking new adventures, the duo packed their weekends with back-country horseback riding, days at the gun range, and racing open water jet-skis, just to name a few! Realizing that they had much more in common than they originally expected, the duo combined their ideas and passions and decided to take on their biggest risk yet: building YOGA HIVE Philly, fueled by their shared passion to improve their own well-being along with the well-being of their community.

Gina Durante and Heather Bonato realized their mutual desire to spread good by bringing yoga to the world with a unique focus on inclusivity, community, and wellness. After months of planning, YOGA HIVE Philly was born in the summer of 2018.

The Meaning Behind YOGA HIVE Philly

The Bee Hive is a highly social organism that can only live within a community. Each individual bee and hive works not for itself but for the community. The bee is the most honored species not because she labors but because she labors for others. When a bee stings, it is a self-sacrificing act, giving up its life for their community. They share good news among their hive, which betters the well-being of the community.

Our name, YOGA HIVE Philly, resonated from our mission of discovering a better way of life. Transforming it into our own lives and then giving it back to the community in an even more beautiful way, as the Hive would do.

Find Your Tribe & Love Them Hard

Bees entered into the endangered species list Oct 2016. One third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees. Humanity would not exist for very long without bees. Please sign the Avaaz petition today, asking US to STOP using pesticides once and for all.