Barre Fitness and Dance Fitness Classes are HERE at Yoga Hive Philly!

Barre and Dance Classes are HERE at Yoga Hive Philly starting Tuesday, February 26th! We are so excited to bring you two new, hour-long, certified instructor led classes designed to lengthen, strengthen, and tone!

Barre Fitness:

Take your wellness to the next level with Barre Fitness, a full body workout that targets your core, biceps, triceps, glutes, and back. This class is great for those looking to improve balance, stability, flexibility, range of motion, and overall strength.

Dance Fitness:

Get all the workout benefits of a dance class, through low-impact dance-based conditioning and flexibility training. By incorporating toning exercises from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet & Modern dance, you can leave with a dancer's body in just a few classes. Learn to take more risks through challenging combinations that engage core, arms and a full range of motion.