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YOGA HIVE Philly offers on-site or off-site yoga and wellness services to inspire, uplift and create a happier and healthier work environment.

We offer personalized programs for corporations, universities, senior care facilities, or other institutions. Join the thousands of organizations that are introducing yoga to their current wellness program and deriving the benefits of such. Whether it be Yoga for Stress Management, Yoga for Energy and Better Performance, or a Team Building Chair Yoga Workshop for your employees, we can simply tailor your package to suit your specific needs.

We often come across articles providing astonishingly high percentages of dissatisfied employees in America. They often describe feeling detached from their purpose and looking for more meaningful and fulfilling work. A lot of times people do not recognize that this is an internal job, and they should redirect to the root cause. People will distract themselves from their problem and deter it onto something else. What easier to blame than their job, rather than digging deeper to the actual root cause. This is where a Corporate Yoga Wellness Program will benefit your organization immensely. For corporations not only are you improving your employee’s well-being, you can expect to see staff retention rates stabilize, while reducing health care costs. There is an enormous amount of research to support the benefits of wellness programs to improve health behaviors and sustain high employee morale.

Yoga specifically helps people connect their outside circumstance with their authentic self and true purpose. Yoga not only aids in individual growth, but in society and community development. It is important to understand the powerful benefits that come from regular yoga practice and how this could change the way someone looks at their current circumstances. Yoga will help with stress reduction, energy-enhancement, enhanced creativity and focus, and internal healing for your employees.

What you can expect from a Corporate Yoga Wellness Program

• Employees who feel appreciated and believe their employer cares about their well-being and happiness. Employees who feel appreciated are much more likely to work harder and feel more motivated and productive in their role.

• A company is only as exceptional as the people in it, and to attract, and retain exceptional people today you need to build a healthy corporate culture. A Corporate Yoga Wellness Program will help your organization attract top talent, being recognized as an employer who cares for employees in a much more meaningful way.

• Human Resource teams are looking for strategic returns on their wellness investment. Aetna, partnering with Duke University School of Medicine, found that one hour of yoga a week decreased stress levels in employees by a third, reducing health care costs by an average of $2000 a year. Reduced healthcare costs.

What we can promise you:

• We understand this is a professional setting taking into consideration that employees do not want to return to their desk sweaty. Focusing primarily on light movement, stretches and breathe work.

• Programs can be designed where employees do not have to change into workout clothing. Yoga pants are not needed.

• No crazy poses, chanting, overly spiritual banter, just practical yoga-inspired stretching and focused breathing that will uplift your employees and create a strong sense of productivity and motivation.

How does YOGA HIVE Philly’s Corporate Yoga Wellness Program Work?

If your workplace is interested in running regular yoga sessions or a yoga wellness workshops for its employees, there are just a few steps we will need to get started.

1. Choose a location
We can come out to your office for a consultation visit to see where might be the best place to hold classes. We look for natural light, this way we can dim the fluorescent lighting that tends to cause stress and anxiety, due to cortisol suppression. We also look for somewhere in the office with the least amount of distractions or external noise. We often find conference rooms and boardrooms to be great areas with plenty of room. Another option, as long as, the weather is suitable, would be to take our class outside or hold them at our studio in South Philadelphia 1914 E. Passyunk Avenue.

2. Choose a package option (Will you need mat rentals?)

  • Chair Yoga – seems to be the most manageable package option, since you will not need equipment. Just a chair for everyone to sit in, typically held at employee’s desks or in a conference room where everyone has a seat. This is the perfect pair to a stressful jam packed busy day, since the class could run 30 mins long to an hour. This is all up to your team’s personal preference. This class will be a more gentle form of yoga, with heavy focus on breathing techniques. Benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction.
  • 12 week program – including the basics and alignment of yoga for 60 mins. These classes are designed for those who have never practices yoga, introducing fundamental poses, sequence, terminology, and concept. Just tell us the day and time you were interested in, how many people, and when you would like this to start. We appreciate bookings 2 weeks in advance.
  • 8 week program – same as above
  • Intro to Yoga Team Building Workshop – Our Team Building Yoga Workshop is a one-time 60 minute pop-up class. This is a great way to build a strong sense of community at your workplace, while encouraging a very healthy workout. Yoga is for everyone, young, old, broad, short, male, female. Yoga does not discriminate and we will work with everyone in your office to make sure they are comfortable with this Intro to Yoga Team Building Workshop

3. Choose a date, time and the amount of people
Lastly, confirm your Corporate Yoga Wellness Program with the date you would like to get started, the days, and the times that work best for yourself and your employees, with the amount of people you anticipate. Keep in mind for the best health and transformation people will need to be willing to step outside of their comfort zone and regularly commit to their practice for a sustained period of time. This is when you will see employee’s results and an increased return on investment.

For a tailored quote please email the information listed above, Steps 1 through 3. We hope to collaborate soon and serve your team in a meaningful and positive way.

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